Environmental, Social and Governance

At ROIC, we demonstrate sound corporate governance practices, including but not limited to prioritizing our employees, our communities, and our environment as a business, as we have continued to expand our corporate governance efforts as an organization.

ROIC prioritizes sustainable long-term growth

Long-standing commitment to:

  • Operate responsibly and sustainably

  • Conduct our business with the utmost integrity and transparency

  • Drive a positive impact for all our stakeholders through improving our environmental performance as well as supporting the health and well-being of our employees and tenants

Recent ESG Achivements

Awarded 2023, 2022 and 2021 Green Lease Leader (“Gold” level designation)

15% reduction in year-over-year same-center energy consumption

14% reduction in year-over-year same-center greenhouse gas emissions

Launched comprehensive climate scenario analysis (aligned with TCFD)

100% corporate participation in annual diversity, equity and inclusion training

Continued company-wide annual diversity & harassment awareness training

Continued employee community environmental engagement initiatives

3 new diverse independent directors added, 2 long-tenured directors retired

Enhanced corporate governance (amended Bylaws to strengthen stockholder rights)

Continued to incorporate ESG milestones in executive compensation program

Launched GRESB participation initiative, enhancing ESG transparency